Do I need to Lose Weight to Relieve Joint Pain?

Can Weight Loss Relieve Joint Pain? Joint pain is commonly experienced on different body parts such as the knees, fingers, hips, low back, elbows, ankles and shoulders. Many consider joint pains a sign of aging, but various other reasons, including extra weight, can contribute. Does Being Overweight Affect the Joints? Extra body mass greatly affects…

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5 Foods to Aid in the Reduction of Joint Pain & Inflammation

5 Foods to Aid in the Reduction of Joint Pain & Inflammation We’re all looking for ways to improve our health, particularly in the treatment of ailments we may encounter more frequently. Joint pain is one annoyance that a great majority of our population experiences, whether due to disease or a weekend of increased activity.  There…

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Dangers of an Office

Dangers of an Office We all see our places of employment as pleasant and a perfectly safe and healthy. There are certainly hazards of the kind that are commonplace on construction sites or in factories, and many office workers enjoy the benefits of rigid working days, rather than having their body clocks thrown by changing…

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How to help good gut bacteria?

Have YOU got the GUTS to be Healthy – Part 2 In last week’s blog post we learned about the good and bad bacteria found in your gut. We focused on all the ways it negatively impacts our health. Today, we’ll explore ways to positively influence your gut microbiome: Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, and…

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