“Detoxification – Not Only For Your Body” Part I When you hear the word “detox”, you probably think of a regimen involving an altered meal plan, and something to support your liver, gastrointestinal system, and to help you lose weight. Yes, these ideas are correct! However, it’s also important to detox your kitchen! Overall health…

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Can Light Physical Activity Help Sleep?

“Can Light Physical Activity Help Sleep?” We all know that participating is physical activity is good for our health, but did you know it could help you sleep?! Activities such as running, biking, weightlifting, yoga and even gardening are associated with better sleep habits compared to no physical activity, the University of Pennsylvania research found….

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Back Breaking Jobs

Top 10 Back Breaking Jobs In an informal survey, the following occupations were found to cause the most stress and strains on the muscles of the back. Do you have any of the following back breaking jobs on this list? Auto mechanics – work in physically awkward positions all day long—bending over cars, sliding under cars, etc….

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Organic Beauty Products Continued

Beauty Products – More Than Skin Deep – Part II Beauty is more than skin deep. As promised last week, here are 9 more organic beauty products without the harsh chemicals wreaking havoc in and on your body: Coola Classic Sport Sunscreen SPF 45 Finally, a sunscreen made with organic ingredients that can stand up to…

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Organic Beauty Products

Beauty Products – More than Just Skin Deep – Part I Harmful chemicals are in practically every beauty product you own and chances are, you’ve been finding yourself heading towards the natural beauty aisle more than ever. But if you’re going to shell out extra money for healthier, greener versions of your favorite products, they’d…

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