7 Signs That You’re Ignoring Your Body

girl-and-carOur bodies can often be compared to that of a car; we require regular fuel to keep moving and regular maintenance to function top-notch. However, when we begin to ignore the early warning signs, larger issues may follow.

One of the best things we can start doing is listening to the expert that we often ignore: OURSELVES! Yet, at some point we stop listening to our bodies. We may ignore that intermittent achiness in our low back, pain in our stomach, occasional headache, or our own hunger in order to follow the newest diet trend.

Why do we ignore these signs? Our excuses include that of being too busy, not trusting what our body is telling us, or not wanting to hear the truth about what our body is telling us. Therefore, the FIRST STEP is listening intently to these important messages our body is telling us.


7 Common Signs:

    • Migraine treatment, Head ache treatments,Headaches: often from not drinking enough water or eating regularly.
    • Ignoring blood sugar crashes: chances are you're ignoring your hunger signals or not eating quality meals.
    • Food cravings: often a sign you need something nutritionally that you're not getting or even emotionally or spiritually.
    • Waking tired: you drink coffee for energy and/or you crash in the afternoon and drink more caffeine or sugar for energy.
    • Ignoring urination or bowel movements: you may put it off due to time, not wanting to use a public restroom, or for some other reason.
    • Overeating: you eat past your “full signals”.
    • Aches & pains: you tend to “solve” your discomfort with over-the-counter medicines or ignore it, but never address the issue.

Have-More-EnergyYou are, absolutely, not alone if you could choose any or all that are familiar to you. If you choose to address these issues by correcting them yourself or seeking help from a provider such as Optimum Health, you'll likely have more energy, get sick less often, your weight will optimize, and those annoying symptoms may disappear. Ultimately, addressing your 'small' issues and getting to the root of the problem right away will allow your health to flourish with time.

rootsIf you need help recognizing and addressing your signs and symptoms, call 877-704-1761 to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how we can stop them in their tracks. We are focused on not only symptomatic care, but more importantly, understanding the root cause of your issue. You can click HERE to explore our approach to helping you FEEL BETTER!

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