Have You Been Involved in an Automobile Accident?  We Can Help.

With Optimum Health you get the attention, care, and outcome you desire.  Call us today, or schedule an appointment HERE if you have been involved in an automobile accident or other personal injury.

What can I expect from Optimum Health for treatment of my injuries?

      • An evaluation by our clinicians using orthopedic exams, X-rays, or other diagnostic tests
      • A diagnosis of your condition
      • A customized treatment plan based upon your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions about Automobile Accidents 

What should I do if I'm in an auto accident?

      • Stop Your Car – Do not leave the scene of the accident, move your car out of traffic
      • Call the Police
      • Identify the Driver  – Gather pertinent information (names, phone numbers, registration numbers, insurance carrier and policy numbers)
      • Witnesses – Ask them if they are willing to write down a statement
      • Take Notes – About significant circumstances, or take pictures (if you have a camera)
      • Comments – Keep your comments to yourself until later when the official fault of accident has been determined
      • Arrests – If arrested, contact your lawyer before making any statement
      • Notify Your Insurance Carrier – In a timely manner
      • See a Doctor – Who is qualified to treat automobile accident injuries even though you think you are unaffected by the accident (serious problems could arise later)

What types of injuries might I sustain in an automobile accident?

  • Structural or Soft-Tissue Problems
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Pain in the Arms, Legs, Hands, or Feet
  • Whiplash

What if my injuries require a specialist?

Optimum Health will make the appropriate referral for you and co-manage your case direction with the specialist.

Who pays my health care bills in the event of an automobile accident?

You major medical health insurance, Med Pay insurance, and personal injury settlements through your attorney.