Steps for Better Sleep Naturally

‘Catch Better Zzzzz’s: Steps for Better Sleep Naturally’ If counting sheep is getting old, you’re among a great majority who have difficulty sleeping – falling, staying, or getting restful sleep. You may not be able to fall back asleep if you wake up, you may feel you need coffee all day, or need to nap…

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Eating Seasonally

‘8 Fall Foods Worth Finding’ People have been eating seasonally since the beginning of time – there was no other choice. We usually find that ‘in-season’ foods taste much better, cost less, and are readily available. It has also been found that in-season foods contain a greater quantity of nutrients than when you purchase the…

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Why Consider B12 Injections?

‘Why Consider B12 Injections’ What’s the harm in having too little of one vitamin?! The issues could potentially be lengthy. Your body uses B12 to make nerves, DNA, red blood cells, and to carry out many necessary functions. Like many other vitamins, B12 cannot be made within our body; it has to be absorbed from…

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Budget Healthy Eating

‘Eating Healthy on a Budget’ Two things often fall short in our daily lives: time and often money. Industries taking advantage of this include fast food manufacturers and grocers. We are often drawn to expensive, over-processed convenience foods that impair our waistline, health, and budget. About 50% of meals are consumed outside the home! With…

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Organic Beauty Products Continued

Beauty Products – More Than Skin Deep – Part II Beauty is more than skin deep. As promised last week, here are 9 more organic beauty products without the harsh chemicals wreaking havoc in and on your body: Coola Classic Sport Sunscreen SPF 45 Finally, a sunscreen made with organic ingredients that can stand up to…

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