Eating Toxins at the Office?!?

Eating Toxins at the Office?!
Junk Food Vs. Healthy Foods
Learn how to ditch Junk Food For Good

Here we will discuss how you can avoid junk food and instead eat healthy and tasty food and that is much better for your health. On a daily basis we’re all exposed to common office foods found in break rooms or at a co-worker’s deskjunk food that scream out our names. They really don’t qualify as food as they’re typically chock full of additives that our bodies don’t recognize and we surely can’t pronounce.  One of the best things in getting a healthier you, is actually to ASAP you possibly can to ditch all premade foods including your regular “Lean Cuisine lunch box” and similar. I am amazed that the FDA is even allowing them to be sold as foods, since they are so incredibly laden with ingredients that is toxic for you body and just not good to eat.  The premade foods are so bad for your health at so many levels, but if you want a quick way to get to a better state of health, cutting the premade foods out is a great first step. These “foods” sabotage our health, weight and energy. But we succumb to temptation for various reasons:

  • We want to fit in – everyone is having it so why not
  • We eat at our desks because we’re focused on our work
  • We fail to plan and don’t bring our own food
  • It’s convenient – they’re already sitting there and calling our name

Let’s review how your office may be a breeding ground of food industry toxins and why you should avoid these “foods” that is nothing but junk, for good. Some of the top culprits are:

  • Microwave Popcorn – everything from the bag to the oil and popcorn are bad news! I know it’s popcornhard to believe when that delicious popcorn smell is wafting through the air. Let’s review what “Artificial Flavors” actually means – they’re ingredients that aren’t required to be disclosed so you don’t ever know what that really means. But some of these ingredients have been linked to lung disease. The oils are typically hydrogenated trans fats which are associated with heart disease and the bags may be lined with PFOA , a chemical linked to cancer.
  • Frozen Processed Lunches – you know, that low calorie meal you’re hoping will help you lose weight or stay slim. But quick and low calorie doesn’t mean you should be eating it. The vast majority of the popular brands out there contain artificial additives and lots of hidden MSG (MSGoverstimulates our nervous system — exciting our nerves and causing an inflammatory response).
  • Donuts – we all know that donuts aren’t healthy but it typically makes its appearance at meetings. They’re loaded with harmful additives too. Things like HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Some also have BHA, a preservative linked to cancer.

It’Donuts as alternative to healthy snackss possible to make healthier choices at home and the office, no matter how busy we are. Not sure how or where to start? We can help you ditch the toxic junk food for good. Please contact us today to find out how:877-704-1761. We’ll be sharing some yummy alternatives on our next post so be sure to check back soon!

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