Reasons to Sleep Other Than Fatigue

Reasons to Sleep Other Than Fatigue

We all sleep as the result of being tired, right?! Fatigue is an important signal , but not the only reason to be catching Zzz’s.

Here is a list of other very important reasons why sleep should be at the top our our list:

  • Sleep Can Improve Memory . Wouldn’t this be nice?! Sleep can improve our short term memory and allow us to remember information better the following day.
  • You Won’t Be Cranky . Sleep deprivation actually inhibits our ability to process emotions. Less sleep=cranky. More sleep=happy!
  • Your Immune System Will Be Stronger . Quality sleep means a recovering body, which equals a healthy immune system and improved defense against bacteria and viruses. Great to know during cold and flu season!
  • Supportive of Weight & Muscle Mass . Research has found that sleep loss may lead to muscle atrophy and those that get more rest lose more fat on a weight loss plan!
  • Tames Stress . Stress and loss of sleep go hand-in-hand. Good sleep can mean an improved mood, less stress, and even lower blood pressure!
  • May Improve Sex Drive. Lack of sleep has been linked to erectile dysfunction and low libido.
  • Because It Feels GREAT! Who doesn’t love a good nights sleep?! If you feel you have difficulties with achieving this, you may consider having your adrenal glands, hormones, or thyroid assessed.

iStock_000018407952Medium-e1443040132717These, among other factors, may play a crucial role in your inability to have restful sleep. This is only a short list of affects sleep can have on your system. Sleep is extremely necessary for your body to power-down, recuperate, and get you ready for the next day! As mentioned above, if you’re having difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or wake feeling un-rested, there could be a good reason why. We would love to discuss your concerns and get you back on a healthy sleep cycle. Call us at 877-704-1761 to schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our convenient locations in Buford, Cumming, Dunwoody, Grayson, Hamilton Mill, Hiram, Suwanee, or Woodstock.

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