Regenerative Cell Therapy

Do You Suffer From....

  • Knee Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Neuropathy


  • Tennis Elbow

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Neck Pain


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Avoid Surgery!

Find Out if Regenerative Medicine is Right for You!

Regenerative medicine is now available locally and can effectively reduce and even eliminate your pain without surgery or addictive medications. Regenerative medicine uses umbilical cord/ amniotic tissue cells to regenerate and repair tissues in your body that are damaged due to injury, age, disease, and defects. Regenerative cells have the power to go to these damaged areas, generate new cells and rebuild the area.

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Hear from our Patients:

I had Stem Cell a little over a month ago at Optimum Health in Suwanee. I was in so much pain. My knee was so swollen. I would go to bed at night and pray that I could get a few hours of rest. Two years ago I had both knees that totally diminished my quality of life. I could not shop, get up out of a couch, stairs, all my abilities that I had not had took a major toll on my physical health. Two years ago I under went a TKR Total Knee Replacement. I was desperate, I had injection after injection till they no longer were effective. I broke down and did the surgery . I am under 60 years of age (way too young" They only last 15 years at best before you have to do it again. ?? the TKR took over one year to recover. Still feels fake and limited range of motion. Horrible surgery. When I moved to Georgia I started seeking another miracle surgeon to do my left knee. I came across Optimum Health through my son Pete A. They did not offer the stem cell in Suwanee but it was coming. I went to my husband and I said please.... I want to try desperately seeking to be out of pain, my husband said, "okay let's give it a shot." I did it instead of another elective TKR. I pinch myself everyday because I do not want to "jinks," anything. I walk in my steep hill of a garden and say to myself "oh I feel some discomfort" wait.... "it is not my stem cell knee it is my TKR!!!!!!" the crazy thing is everything I have done is a quick fix. This is long term Rejuvenating my own cartilage. Really? Everyday is a better day. I am pain free just a little over a month and no knee swelling any longer. thank you Optimum Health for offering this to me and any one that suffers from osteoporosis. So so worth it. Blessed that America can now continually offer alternative health!

Doris A.

I was told by my Doctors I would require surgery to correct my injuries. My Dad, one Brother, a number of friends and a few of my Wife’s co-worker’s all had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Everyone I spoke to said, “I wouldn’t want to do that again” or “I wouldn’t do that again”. They told me of 1 year or longer of recovery time extreme pain and in the end limited mobility.
I went in, a simple injection, no scars, 6 months later I never knew I had an injury, except for the arthritic pain. Which in all honesty runs in my families medical history, so I could be dealing with that anyway. If you are on the fence between Stem Cell and Surgery, don’t be. Anytime in the future that Regenerative Cell Therapy is an option of treatment I absolutely know what I will choose, and since I’m going to choose Regenerative Cell Therapy I’m also going to choose Optimum Health for my provider. I hope that doesn’t sound like a shameless plug, but I really did find them to be fantastic at what they do. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I love the extra bonus that they don’t have you sitting in the waiting area for 45 minutes like some of the medical offices I have been to. I like that they seem to respect my time as much as I respect theirs.

Timothy R.

Before having Regenerative Cell Therapy on my knee, my pain level was a 6 out of 10. I was not able to run, go up and down stairs with ease, have long walks and especially hard getting in and out of a booth at a restaurant. Since having the treatment I feel a lot more mobile. I don’t feel like I am always trying to keep up with my wife when walking. My pain level is a 2 out of 10! It is very important to note that one needs to be a bit patient with the process. Although my knee felt better after a couple of weeks…the real improvement did not truly take place until the beginning of the fourth month. Now I am very pleased after just four months from having Optimum Health perform this procedure, I want to have it done on the other knee.

Al R.

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